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Modify furniture object
Hello, (excuse me for my poor english :-p ) I have to model an archive room under sweet home ...
Alextaz 2 959 Jan 21, 2020 3:23:55 PM
by hansmex  Last Page
[HELP] Stainless Steel
I'm trying to create a cylinder (small, 5cm x 5cm x 5cm) that is made of stainless steel. It ...
ndorigatti 2 1116 Jan 16, 2020 6:37:12 PM
by ndorigatti  Last Page
Looking for water tank model
Does anyone know where I can find a large smooth sided cylinder that would represent a large ...
Lauriek 1 1040 Jan 16, 2020 6:01:11 AM
by Lauriek  Last Page
more furniture variety
I have downloaded all of the collections of components, furniture and textures from the home page ...
sgreg 1 1154 Jan 14, 2020 12:07:30 AM
by hansmex  Last Page
how to pierce a countertop in obj.
I need help. how to pierce a countertop in obj. with the spiral staircase? Thank you
Superpippo 3 691 Jan 4, 2020 5:49:17 PM
by Superpippo  Last Page
Flat hill's / mountains
I like help! I would create a flat hill for a castle ground, bud i dont how do that. Exist ...
SWPP 2 822 Dec 29, 2019 6:34:51 AM
by bdfd  Last Page
Any advice for lace curtains
I've searched high and low for lace textures for curtains, but without success. Any advice ...
macnab 3 1473 Dec 4, 2019 3:30:04 AM
by Bubblobill  Last Page
Building Materials
hey. Are there some who knows about you can get Building Materials for this program, as: floor ...
donp 2 4456 Dec 2, 2019 9:50:18 AM
by Freshbrood  Last Page
Where are evidence markers ?
Hello, for the fresh version I loaded plugin for evidence markers, ...
miro_ilias 1 867 Nov 26, 2019 12:22:31 PM
by Puybaret  Last Page
Problem with transparency settings .obj file
Hi all! I've created a model in Sketchup of a turntable that i have, it has the cover made ...
Necrobotz 9 4933 Oct 26, 2019 3:27:25 AM
by whippetsleek  Last Page
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