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Remove Room Square Foot Label
How can the user remove the square foot label after creating a room?
KitchM 1 40 Jul 18, 2019 7:05:22 PM
by KitchM  Last Page
shock Rotate Plan
I need to rotate the whole plan 180 degrees. Is there a quick way to do this without having to ...
CNash 1 29 Jul 18, 2019 8:46:53 AM
by Puybaret  Last Page
How To Create Walls With Dimensions
Is there a way to create a wall and have it automatically create the dimensions at the same time?
KitchM 2 46 Jul 18, 2019 12:24:44 AM
by KitchM  Last Page
confused Measure Tool supposed to round?
Is the measure tool supposed to round? If I create a wall that are 10188 mm and measure it, it ...
KalleDK 2 41 Jul 17, 2019 1:36:21 PM
by Puybaret  Last Page
How to solve this roof issue?
When I activate the roof in the room options then I see a grafic issue. See pictures. How could I ...
MichaelN 7 164 Jul 14, 2019 11:19:44 PM
by Mike53  Last Page
2D & 3D issues
hi im after some help when drawing walls on a level with a pattern down the walls drawn in 2D dosnt ...
maty87 1 71 Jul 12, 2019 1:40:37 PM
by Puybaret  Last Page
Savefile creation date?
I retrieved different files I did during years. Different version of same project, files modified ...
marcocip 1 57 Jul 8, 2019 10:21:12 PM
by Puybaret  Last Page
2D Symbols
More often than not, I just use the 2D view to create and modify floor plans. Is there a library ...
SebastianBautz 3 2561 Jul 8, 2019 5:52:59 AM
by dbzh  Last Page
confused Can I somehow color the level tabs?
Hello, I usually create 15+ levels (need this for the way I work in SH3D), and the level tabs ...
dbzh 2 93 Jul 8, 2019 5:48:25 AM
by dbzh  Last Page
Realistic black windows
Hi I'm trying to render pictures with black windows. So in general black glass. I tried ...
swave 2 525 Jun 29, 2019 6:26:16 PM
by swave  Last Page
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