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Posted by Psuitsi at Jan 20, 2012 6:48:24 AM
Re: Plugin trouble
I have read the plug-in manual few times, but still don't get it. I've checked every menu (in top bar of SH3D), but there's no "Compute walls' area"-option (which is the plugin I'd really like to have). I just tested Sweet Home at work, with older XP-machine and Java Web Start, and it works here just fine. For example, there's now "Tools"-menu between "3D view" and "Help" (after manually moving the plugin to the plugin folder).
At home, I tried re-installing SH3D/plugins, but still no go. Well, I guess it's a bug, but just in my machine. I can live without (those) plugins (SH3D itself works great and is nice addition to my 3D-arsenal), but sure would be nice to know what's the problem. sad