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Posted by Gaytan at Feb 17, 2013, 4:43:34 PM
smile   Re: Sweet Home 3D 4.0

Thanks again for all the work you're putting in this very program!
I still love it!!! Working with it's Linux version (Linux Mint based on Ubuntu) as well!

One thing I still miss very much though, is: once you open up the properties of eg a wall, floor, etc, you DO see little thumbnails of the texture(s) used for that wall, floor, etc, but what I miss is the name of that very texture! Should not be too difficult to add that I think, no?

This because I'm working on a very big project lately and don't recall all the (names of) texture(s) I used for different walls, floors etc...

Would be very nice if you could add that option! Especially as I'm working with different versions of your software at the same time; like that it's easier to check if the texture was added to the library or not; with just a thumbnail it's mostly a shot in the dark to get hold of the same file/texture again.

Let me know if you understand what I mean ok?


Kind regards,