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Posted by Puybaret at Jul 29, 2013 4:59:13 PM
Sweet Home 3D 4.1.1

For your information, I tagged Sweet Home 3D source code yesterday with the tag V_4_1_1 (i.e. version 4.1.1).
This version fixes bugs that happened under Mac OS X / OpenJDK 7, and is the base of a new version I developed during the past weeks for the Mac App Store.
As this distribution channel isn't compatible with the GNU General Public License and as the licenses of the libraries used in Sweet Home 3D allow me to distribute this application under a proprietary license, I chose to distribute Sweet Home 3D there under Apple's standard EULA, but will continue to distribute the free GNU GPL version on / The Mac App Store version doesn't bring any additional features except it's compatible with Mac OS X sandbox and comes with the 600+ free 3D models currently available.
I also decided to sell Sweet Home 3D there because distributing applications in the Mac App Store requires developers to pay an annual fee to Apple (even if you make it available there for $0), and developing and debugging a Mac OS X version of Sweet Home 3D compatible with Java 7 and the sandbox required many days of work. Preparing a Mac App Store version based on Apple's Java 6 would have taken much less time, but the Mac App Store refuses Java programs that rely on the Java version installed in the system, i.e. Java applications distributed through this channel must bundle their own version of Java. As Apple doesn't allow the redistribution of its version of Java 6, I had to prepare a Mac App Store version based on the young OpenJDK 7 for Mac OS X.
If enough users buy Sweet Home 3D in the Mac App Store, I hope that these additional revenues will help me to improve Sweet Home 3D for the benefit of all its users.

Once the final version of Java 7u40 will be released (hopefully by the end of summer 2013), I'll probably release an other version of Sweet Home 3D based on that version of Java, both for the free GNU GPL version and the Mac App Store version.

Finally, many thanks to Henri Gomez for his help on OpenJDK and to Marco Dinacci for his tips about building a Java application for the Mac App Store.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer