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Posted by rkv104 at Jan 23, 2014 5:23:14 AM
Re: adding skirting around rooms
dear puybaret, hansmex, okh,

please reply with your comments on this feature....

puybaret can you write me a sample code ( i tried coding but failed to create a rectangular boxes next to wall inside the room using room points, skipping the room points intersecting with door..) ... to create skirt around room using shelf maple ...

(the approach i used is that first i add a shelf maple box with name 'skirt' in my home and then i access room points of selected room and create copy of this shelf maple box with x'y coordinates same as room points and box width = difference between 2 room points ... i am finding hard excluding the room points that intersect with door and also the length of box created is larger ...)

the below mentioned zip .rar file (winrar) contains the jar file containing source code..

puybaret or anybody else.... can you change the code to work...the zip also contains the test home file...and plugin file.

the file containing code is ""

whatever the case please do reply