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Posted by clanmills at May 27, 2014 3:51:09 AM
smile   ToWebPlugin Project
I am planning to develop a plugin to create a web gallery from an SH3D model. The purpose is to enable designers to share their work with stakeholders. Currently, SH3D can create images and videos. This plugin will create a web gallery.

You can see the result that I anticipate here:

To make this demo, I used "3D View/Create photos at points of view" to create a directory of images. I then used my python script to format that into HTML/CSS/JS.

I propose to rewrite the python script in Java and the plugin will generate images and web code in a single operation. A dialog box will be provided to customize features of the plugin. Different web "themes" will be supported. The plugin will be able to generate 3D and Level plans from the SH3D model.

I don't want to make this development overly complex as my primary goal is learn and explore the capability of SH3D. I am currently relocating from Silicon Valley to retirement in England, so the development will proceed as time permits. I don't plan to write a detailed spec at this time, however I will update this thread as the project proceeds.

The project code is being stored at: and can be downloaded by anyone. If anybody wishes to cooperate in this development, please contact me to obtain write access to the repository.

I'd like to congratulate Emmanuel on his outstanding work to create SH3D and to thank him for his courtesy and encouragement to undertake this project. Well done, Emmanuel. You've done great work.