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Posted by ectw at Sep 15, 2014, 3:57:26 PM
Questions on Plugin Development

I have encountered the following problems when developing my plugin:
1. I created a sh3p file successfully. After adding the plugin, the SweetHome3D application can be launched successfully by the command "java -jar SweetHome3D-4.4.jar". However, when I click "SweetHome3D.exe" to launch, the JAVA application hangs after showing the initial banner. What is the possible cause for that?

2. I want to create a plugin similar to the "Create Video" function. When I check the JAVA code, it seems that it requires the classes "home", "UserPreferences", "ViewFactory", "ContentManager" for the constructor of VideoController. In the plugin, I can get home and User Preferences but not for ViewFactory and ContentManger. What are the uses of the ViewFactory and ContentManager class? For a plugin, how to handle this case if we need to access the ViewFactory and ContentManager?

Would someone please help? Thank you very much in advance.