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Posted by hansmex at May 7, 2015, 4:35:06 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.0

Congratulations with v5.0b and thank you very much for your continued efforts to make a great program even greater.

I did a few rapid test under Kubuntu 14.04 64-bits.

Add text, edit text, text in Preferences
These all work just as expected. Great addition.

Add point to room
After thinking what this could mean, I guessed I had to draw a room and see what happens. And indeed, it adds an extra point/corner to a room at the cursor coordinates.
Maybe a few extra words of explanation would be nice.
In combination with the AdvancedEdit plug-in this is VERY nice. Could that plug-in be integrated in the main program?

Modify groups
After nesting a few items 5 or 6 groups deep, I was able to succesfully edit each item.

Edition > Paste
Probably this is franglais?
I can't figure out how this works. Sorry for being stupid.

I didn't test the other new features.

Dual boot - AMD FX6300 6-core, 16GB ram
Windows 10 Pro, SH3D 6.2 with 8 GB memory allowance
Ubuntu 18.04, SH3D 6.2 with 2 GB memory allowance