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Posted by okh at Oct 5, 2015, 9:05:43 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.1
- The bug #623 about some parts at ground level that shouldn't appear is fixed.
- The older bug bug #582 about staircase cutouts that were wrongly computed is fixed too
smile That is great. There is another thing I have wondered about with the ground cutout too, but it may not be a bug. Furniture (windows) on subterranean levels will cutout ground below, even if they are above ground.

Put the file in #623.


PS The rest of my rambling was just a set of loose thoughts anyway, not to be taken too seriously. Also, the SVG "clean" export is hardly vital. In my mind it would be the outline of walls/furniture without graphics, like a clean plan to embed in a web page. But I guess anyone who needs it can remove the images and edit text manually or with InkScape. Or easier, just use the .png file to display the 2D plan.

PPS I meant, of course, 5.1 beta 1 and 2.