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Posted by ElfenM at Oct 6, 2015 7:17:51 PM
Running SH3D on ARM Systems?
Primarily on the Raspberry, Banana and Orange Pi's, and Beagle Bone Black SBC (Small Board Computers) Systems, running Linux.

I see that there is a Linux version but it is for the Intel Processor. As is it would not run on these ARM systems running Debian Linux as the CPU does not match. Speaking of which, I'm speaking of using them on the multi-cpu core units at about 1.4GHz, not on the single core units on 700MHz. With the Raspberry Pi, that's 4 cores on the Raspberry Pi Model 2; with the others it is 2 or 4 cores (depending on the model bought). All have a minimum of 1GB of RAM.

I'm guessing, but have not tried it out, that SH3D.jar should be able to run on these system. Though it should be on the Wish-List, is it possible to ask for a ARM (Raspberry Pi flavored) version of SH3D? At most if there is some C/C++ to compile, there is a gcc complier for the R-Pi which would be compatible for the other units as well as a lot of software complied for the R-Pi works well on the other units.

Java RE/SDK is part of the Linux on these machines (it is for the Raspberry Pi and Banana Pi, not sure about Beagle Bone though I'm guessing that it is.)

If anyone tried this before, I would like to know how far they went with it.

Many thanks.