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Posted by mazoola at Oct 30, 2015 8:56:33 PM
Re: Flat Is About to Become Reality
The toilets are actually Laufen Moderna.

Really? I remember briefly looking through their catalog - in fact, an early version of a half-bath for my current project was a shameless steal from their Moderna product shot with the gold wall tiles.

I also remembering I couldn't navigate their web site -- for instance, for wall-hung systems, I could never seem to find any flush plates. (That's why I 'read' your toilets as Veils, as they look like they have Kohler plates.) Then I discovered how few of their products are available in the US, and looked elsewhere.

Not sure if I could justify to myself paying $2,400 to $3,400 for a toilet, though. (That's U.S. pricing for the Veil; haven't tracked down comparable prices on the Laufen designs.)

P.S. Your 'Reality Check' image is the standard to which I aspire...