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Posted by mazoola at Dec 5, 2015, 5:11:36 PM
Re: Allow 3D window to be hidden, or at least minimized
I did that until 5.x; now, SH3D shuts down with a DirectX error if any of its component windows touches the third display. (Displays 1 and 2 are supported by one graphics adaptor, with Display 3 driven by either a second card or mobo video.

That 'or' should tell you how inconvenienced I've been by this issue: I know there's most likely an updated driver available for the secondary graphics that would fix the problem, but I still haven't gotten around to dealing with it.

However, until it dawned on me what was happening and how to bypass it, it *was* a PITA -- as all my plans in progress opened across all three monitors, any attempt to edit a plan resulted in the application shutting down. (Solution? Disable the third monitor in the OS and then open and re-save the desired plan.) I'd meant to post a quick note that would turn up for searches on 'DirectX error' in hopes of saving others some grief, but forgot until your post tweaked me.