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Posted by keddie28 at Jan 10, 2016 9:26:03 AM
Re: Help modelling true crime scene- blood stains, body positions, odd 3d items
I've decided to get the blood stains right by tiling a carpet imade in Photoshop, and then adding bloodstains to the image, and finally importing the image as a custom floor pattern. However, while the image is exactly the right proportion for the room, it's not displaying properly once imported.

The room is 113" x 47.5", so I've made the image 1130px x 475px. However, as you can tell by the attached images, the representation in SH3d is way off, exaggerating the long side of the image while squashing and repeating the narrow side.

I've tried many ideas for fixing the problem, but it always screws up the size of the image.

Any ideas?

PS, the size of the room and image is dead on.