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Posted by Trebly at Feb 17, 2016, 2:05:05 AM
sad   Sweet Home 3D refuses to start on Windows 7 x64

I had sometimes ago installed 5.0 and run Sweet Home 3D for some test.

I have installed yesterday 5.1 but it doesn't starts (just fails and stops after one or 2 seconds).

Then I searched for a Java problem.

I found what follows but I am not sure at all that there is any direct relation with the failure:

  • SH3D comes with java with two versions which are different from the installed versions on the computer 8.0_51 and 8.0_60 x64, this while the computer his defined to use preferentially (path) 8.0_73 x64. The 8.0_73 x86 is also installed. There are only for test also the jdk 8.0_51 x6, the jre 8.0_60 x64, and for x86 only the 8.0_73.
  • SH3D with exe installer for windows doesn't offers particular options of installation and seems to need his own java version (into a subdir).
  • SH3D fail explicitly if it has not access to his own java directories (renamed temporarily to break the link and check if SH3D was searching on system)
  • old directory have been cleaned up before the installation of 5.1
  • No problem found on firewall and the av with the launch.
  • I have a C++ redistributable 2008 2010 2015 x64 and x86

So I am stopped, I don't find what else to check .
I have not found anything about such case into the forum or FAQ.
Thanks for help