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Posted by mazoola at Feb 22, 2016, 10:02:53 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.2
Emmanuel -

I've found a few oddities about v 5.2a. Quite a few have to do with its handling of surface normals (spoiler alert: it does so differently from v 5.2 beta 1), and it displays some odd persistent-state behavior (e.g., render Image 1 at Q4 default; change a render setting and generate Image 2; reset to defaults and render Image 3: Image 1 and Image 3 are not identical.) However, as this is undoubtedly brain-numbing for virtually everyone, and as I'm still running tests, I'll document what I've found in the next day or so in its own thread.

I do want to mention three non-surface normal issues I've found though, in the meantime. Let me know if you'd like tickets opened against these.

1. When using the click-and-drag method of changing Virtual Visitor eye height in the 2D window, the Visitor icon shrinks as it is lowered, making it difficult to manipulate further. As a work-around, the user can double-click on the icon and return the eye height to its usual level in the properties window. (If the mouse button hasn't been released, raising the eye height will cause the icon size to increase until it reaches its default.)

2. The 3D window (in Virtual Visitor mode, at least; I haven't tested it in Aerial View) often fails to update or takes an inordinately long time to update. For instance, if I change from one level to another at a different elevation, the 3D display may change to reflect the Visitor's new elevation. When I return to the original level, though, the display will often continue to display the scene from the previous level. If I do this while monitoring system resources through Task Manager or SysInternals' Process Monitor, I see CPU utilization by the Java process drop to and remain at 0%, even though the 3D display doesn't update. Selecting or resizing the 3D window will not cause the display to update; moving the Visitor's position usually will, albeit often only after a significant delay.

3. Not quite as reproducible, I find after I open the furniture properties window, especially for a complex model, when I go to close it SH3D often takes an unusually long amount of time to do so -- even if no changes have been made. (For instance, select a complex model, open its properties window, and click the 'Materials' button. Without modifying any materials, select 'Cancel.' Often, there is a long delay before the 'Materials' window closes, returning you to the 'Properties' window. Select 'Cancel' from this window, and another long delay occurs before the 'Properties' window closes.) I've also had the system freeze while trying to cancel out of the 'Materials' window, requiring me to kill the Java process.

Admittedly, I'm running on an underpowered Core2 Duo running 32-bit XP on 4 Gb RAM, so I'm at least partly to blame...