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Posted by muzikmad at Feb 29, 2016 9:57:57 AM
Apps for IOS & Android - or at least viewers!
Have just started out with Sweethome for one home improvement project. Luckily the learning curve is OK for just one project but there will be more! I previously tried Sketchup but find Sweethome much more forgiving about correcting errors after the fact.

What I'd love is an iPad app to demo the 3D result to my wife and others. Some simple editing on eg colours and textures would also be great but not essential. Imagine being able to zoom and pan Streetview-like through your model by moving the iPad around. Anyone who's seen an astronomy iPad app would know how effective this is. A full VR-mode for the Samsung Gear could not be far behind...

It could of course be a paid app or have in-app purchases to raise revenue for this app project.