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Posted by cszoli at Mar 7, 2016, 4:56:55 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D refuses to start on Windows 7 x64

After long time of searching for a suitable product to make 2D architectural floor plans for private use I have finally found SweetHome3D and I was very satisfied with the ergonomy and flexibility.
I used it for a whole day and created my floor plan. At some point (after installing some more libraries with objects and placing some of these objects) the SW simply crashed (disappeared from windows), and since then it does not start. I uninstalled it, removed the temp directory settings (not the registry entries), restarted my computer, reinstalled, no use.
Finally the java web start works but I wonder what may have happened and how I could bring the normal application to work.
I have Win7 64bit and have some experiences with java, also several JVMs and JDK's installed, but these were no problem for a whole day.
I added my entry to this thread as it seems greatly matching.
Maybe if you can help clean the last traces of this SW then a reinstall could work.