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Posted by AeowynFraser at Apr 5, 2016 11:02:29 PM
Re: Tudor Castle version 2
So here are the new pictures.

The final picture taken with the 1-car garage:

Screenshot of the new outside of the house:

I couldn't get this rendered; I think the file has gotten too big even after compressing it.

The 2-car garage, taken from the new garage door:

The quality of the rendering isn't as good as my other pictures, I can see that it's all splotchy, but because of the size of the file this took about 3 hours to get done no joke. Yes, it's kind of bare I realize but I put the cars outside to show perspective of the size of the house.

The front room with the new entertainment center, in order to add the door to the garage, taken from the dining room:

Also not as well rendered as I would have liked but still not too bad, except for the weird splotchy area next to the couch.

The third bedroom, taken from the door to the family room:

The dresser is supposed to be all wood, but for some reason didn't render right. There is another closet and dresser on the same wall as the door to the family room, and their is another window mirroring the visible ones. The door visible on the right side of the picture is to the new bathroom.

The third bedroom, taken from the closet visible in the previous picture, looking toward the door to the family room:

I added a third window to the wall visible and evened their spacing. You can see the other dresser (also supposed to be all wood but rendered oddly) and the edge of the other closet in this one. For some reason (probably the size of the file) rendering this picture took more than NINE HOURS! I don't know exactly how long as I went to bed at 3:30am after I started the rendering at 6:30pm and had to leave my computer on the rest of the night.

The new bathroom:

I put in the 2-sink vanity but only one of the sinks is visible. There are two wardrobes on the right side but only one is visible in this photo. The toile is in the left side of the picture and an edge of the top of it as well as the toilet paper roll is visible. Also, not rendered as nicely as I would have liked, but I didn't want to wait on this picture for over 9 hours.

When I added the small windows to the third bedroom and the new bathroom, I didn't realize until I took the aerial view screenshot that I'd put them in so evenly. Happy coincidence.