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Posted by Trebly at Jun 26, 2016, 12:23:50 AM
Re: Sweet Home 3D refuses to start on Windows 7 x64

It goes on fail at starting since today I decide
1- to rename the jre directory -> jre8-74
2- create a new jre8 copying my own 8u92

Then I reached the launch, but the issue had been :
- fatal error in 3D... please update DirectX/openGl of video

Then I launched an update from nvidia with :
this while the last drivers proposed by Asus are :
VGA_nVidia_Win7_64_Z817129616 (2012)

But I still get the error.

So it seems that it is impossible to run the soft on a ASUS G73SW (16Go memory) with processor Core I7 2630qm and a graphic card NVidia GTX460M which seems too bad.

The SweetHome 3D seems to need much more sophisticated computers than NVidia can propose with his last drivers.

Best regards