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Posted by mirakels at Jul 1, 2016, 3:58:14 PM
textures and resizing objects
I have an issue with textures. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong.
This is what I see:

I have this image showing 3x2 roof tiles. The tiles are 35 cm high and 26 cm wide.
So the image is 78x70 cm in real life. See first two images.

I select a roof object and in image 3 and 4 change materials to this rooftile texture.

The object is 2m wide, 5.25m deep and 3.925m high, making the.
sloped surface around 6.57 meters long (sqrt(5.25^2+3.925^2)).
So horizontally I would expect to see 200/26 = 8 rooftiles
and vertically 657/35 = 19 rooftiles. However image 5 shows 12x25 tiles.

In image 6 I make the roof 2 times the width and would expect to see more tiles.
Instead it seems the tiles are scaled to still show 12x25 tiles.

Changing the general texture instead of materials gives a different behaviour.
Image 7 shows 8x25 tiles. So horizontally it is ok but vertically it is not.

Making the roof wider again in this case again shows the correct number of tiles
horizontally. So in this case the tiles are not scaled.