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Posted by Puybaret at Jul 3, 2016, 1:25:08 PM
Re: Licensing Question for a Video Game
The GNU GPL lets you use Sweet Home 3D projects for any purpose without a limit for a particular domain. The limits are more about creating a derived version of Sweet Home 3D, not about what you can do with the documents you produced with Sweet Home 3D, as long as you use the 3D models and textures available in the default catalogs or on web site.
If you import some 3D models or textures not available on (like in Trimble Warehouse), you will have to pay attention to their license as explained in the license page. Of course, the 3D models / textures you designed yourself won't be a problem.

About credits, the minimum should be to give credit to Sweet Home 3D project as a whole, with a text of the form:
Project designed with Sweet Home 3D. Includes 3D models and textures distributed under a free license
with links when possible. See also this thread.
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer