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Posted by alaX at Jul 6, 2016, 7:38:50 PM
Re: textures and resizing objects
Did you create this roof yourself? You should apply final texture(its size determines number of texture tiles) before you export your model.

With already imported models I think it works this way:

"Materials" option doesn't change original mapping (including number of tiles), new texture image replaces original one but takes its properties, such as tile size and proportions (square image is stretched and/or squeezed if original tile is rectangular etc.).

"Textures" option ignores original mapping(number of tiles depends on new texture size and model size), but applies texture to each part of model. Texture might be distorted if "face" is not parallel to front or top side of bounding box - I think that's why you have too many tiles vertically.

But I could be wrong...