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Posted by mirakels at Jul 6, 2016, 8:46:52 PM
Re: textures and resizing objects
Hi Alex, yes, It could be that the material textures are handled in this way, and that this normally is the proper way to do it. On the other hand I can imagine shapes that are resized for which you don't want the textures to be resized along with it.

For instance I used the box object and resized it to make it occupy a specific area as a raised floor. Then I applied a texture on the top of the box and it looked awfull because the textures was completely blown up.

I think an extra option to each object material may be useful to allow it to resize the texture or not with resizing the object, but just replicate the pattern.

Oh, The roof elements are from the "Roof BNL" set made by Ola-kristian Hoff.