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Posted by okh at Jul 7, 2016, 11:27:59 AM
Re: textures and resizing objects
Oh, The roof elements are from the "Roof BNL" set made by Ola-kristian Hoff.
Ah yes, it did look familiar. Now, it has been a while, and I cannot find the original model. It was for a specific house using several roof models next to each other (grouped) instead of stretching the roof.

So if I remember correctly, issue comes from the way the textures are defined for the roof surface in the model, there is a set number of texture tiles and they will stretch with model. I think, the original was intended for the roof (at original size) to use a texture 60×60. The advantage of the tiles being locked that way is that the texture will align with surface edges so you do not end up with half tiles. Maybe I miss something in what you wrote, but did you try changing the texture you use?

If you tile the texture (with the GIMP or some other editing software), you should get more tiles on the same surface.


PS - yes, there is a difference in how SH3D treats textures depending on whether a texture is applied to the model as such, or to defined surfaces.