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Posted by okh at Jul 7, 2016, 1:07:13 PM
Re: textures and resizing objects
...roof tiles going all the way down, so basically cutting of the small border triangle at the bottom. (hope you understand what I mean...)
Not sure. The roof modules were hastily designed and kept simple for a very specific building. Simple elements that do not have too much geometry to interfere when combining sections. That, of course, means a couple of compromises - and lack of elegance and detail.

If I get your point, your alternative would be something like this (same thread SF):

But it is no longer a match with the other roof elements...


PS Basic geometry like this can be made with pretty much any tool - including the Generate 3D shape plugin (see thread 6600) - or even by drawing walls in SH3D, exporting as .obj and import/rotate.