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Posted by MartinSK at Jul 28, 2016, 6:54:33 AM
Re: classic edition
Oh that lovely Slovakia ! applause

I think a little bit I've inspired some friends about castles... laughing

Let's go ! love struck

Hmmmm... It's a question cool
My idea was to make classic edition but I was afraid it's complicated to make all historic building. What you inspired me with was your fortified castle it should be real to make it. We will see.... I'm afraid. Because I wanna make garden around. And it will be lot's of MB's and hard work for my comp sad confused .... But is about fun wink And I continue with my cousin's house too.

So I'm happy to see your fortified castle here because it was great idea and I saw great renderings you made here man. love struck love struck
So...GO GO GO...August will be HOT biggrin