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Posted by MartinSK at Aug 9, 2016 8:57:21 AM
Re: classic edition
Dear I come with another new project in CLASSIC EDITION......I named it 'BOTANIKA'-CHURCH OF NATURE.... I saw a lot of projects here but only few of them tried to use trees or different plants or more detailed gardening [which I love in my personal life]. So when I was working on the garden of KASTIEL project,there I had an idea tried to change it. In BOTANIKA-CHURCH OF NATURE I come with a little bit educative project where plants are in a main role. And that is a problem. There are only few detailed 'free 3D plants' on internet which you can use. If you want to use HD plants you have to pay of course. But I am not a professional 3D computer programmer so I didn't want to. In so far that I decide to use some available free 3D models and try to create a garden project of them. I know there are a lot's of better pictures or better projects here but I was interested in what I am able to create by my skills. [I started with 3D application in February this year....I used my comp mainly for mails or Facebook before that talk to the hand.....]

I have to tell that except my love in gardening and KASTIEL garden this were my inspirations here on sites.....

1....bdfd's 'nature houses' projects
2....Ceciliabr's top pictures [which geniality I will never achieve]
3....and Miker777 and VeroniQ support I sometimes feel here and it's important for me

Here are first pictures I rendered.
The first one is BOTANIKA CHURCH which is greenhouse for tropical plants in my virtual project...I was create it like futuristic geodesic complex at first....but bdfd use this architecture in his Mars project so I try to change it and create some more classical design. Free artwork for this building are Gothic churches of course....You can see some first plants there. On the right side of a picture is an old oak /Quercus/ plant. And you can see tall Araucaria plants in the building. One is Araucaria heterophylla and the second is Araucaria angustifolia

Here is the second picture....there you can see different varieties of Delphinium elatum plant and on the left side you can see Linden /Tilia cordata/ tree and two Cupressus trees