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Posted by mazoola at Sep 16, 2016 12:51:08 PM
Re: Black circle in 3d render for recessed lights
The black circles are the result of an intersection between a SunFlow light source and another object; as best I can tell, there is no work-around possible short of rewriting a large chunk of SunFlow.

Unfortunately, one has to strike a happy medium between using a light source small enough to fit within the fixture while still remaining large enough in diameter not to create white spots in non-matte surfaces. That was why I went with an 8" diameter fixture with a 2.5" source inside: That large a source seemed to minimize white spots (or, as I call it, 'ich') while still allowing it to be recessed 1/2" beyond ceiling height. (Light sources at or below ceiling elevation typically cause 'burn-in' of the ceiling immediately surrounding the fixture and on adjacent walls.) In a few instances where I could only use smaller-diameter sources, I have on occasion rendered the scene twice, once with a small-diameter source and a second time using a larger (8" to 12") source, and combined the two renders in Photoshop. (I'd use the one with a small-diameter source for those sections of the image where the fixture was visible, with the 'ich-less' render used for the bulk of the image.) I realize, however, not everyone is as anal-retentive as I....