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Posted by AeowynFraser at Sep 25, 2016, 3:45:19 PM
Re: 2-Story Home with Basement Apartment
Oh! Thank you for pointing that out about the master bedroom/bathroom! Long story... When I had first started developing the layout I was going to put those rooms the way you see it and had it marked accordingly, then changed my mind and switched the rooms, but by the time I got to the decorating of those rooms I completely forgot that I'd made the change and didn't pay attention to their listed titles. In summary, "Oops; I'm going to fix that and decorate it right."

As for the "Study", I decorated it as if it were my Sewing room; there's the desk with the sewing machine, storage for the sewing patterns and other little sewing related stuff, bookcases for sewing books and inspirational magazines, and a high table for cutting out the fabric. biggrin

I will be working some today on getting more pictures of the house and will try and get them posted as soon as I can.