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Posted by enkonyito at Sep 26, 2016, 7:05:00 PM
Re: Photo rendering test
...i thought the 20h and 21h referred to the render time, 21 hours to render an image!!!
I wouldn't have the patience to wait as long especially that complex renderings monopolize my computer that has only 2 cores.
Previous tests on caustics take less than 2 minutes.

According to the Sunflow wiki
It's also important to note that at this time IBL and Sunsky do not emit photons, therefore, no caustics are viewable when using these lights.
I had seen this info but I thought that caustics would still be visible with the use of the desk lamp. might want to try rendering your scene using a textured sky (or without a textured sky, if one was present for your first render)...
Previous tests on caustics use a sky without texture.
I did other tests with a blue sky texture but I get the same result: no caustics when it's daylight (sun icon).

With enhance external brightness enabled.
sky without texture (sun icon)
(moon icon)
sky with texture (sun icon)
(moon icon)