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Posted by okh at Oct 27, 2016 6:41:39 PM
Re: This is cheating...
..a video a year ago, showing how to improve and handle sky texturing...
Right, very interesting. And a very good example of the illustrator's eye - it goes to show how SH3D is useful from two very different perspectives. Please, keep the link, I need to study this video again to make sure I understand fully. Really quite amazing how you combine the tools to create such results.
Thanks for the link to Geogebra . That is one extremely useful tool.
Yes, Geogebra is useful. As many with teenagers in the house have found out, Geogebra is a free tool used in school maths many places. To maintain a very minimum of dignity trying to help out with maths homework, I had no option but to teach myself the basics of Geogebra. First thing I could think of was a SH3D discussion about intercepting walls and angles. And it was lots of fun making the wall intercept thingy even if it meant finding out how much trigonometry I had forgotten - and the result hardly impressive. Then, seeing the usefulness of the tool, I went on to use Geogebra to re-teach myself some principles of celestial navigation + finding satellites in geostationary orbit (that is, putting up the satellite dish, which I probably could have done in a fraction of the time by rough guessing). All that said, I highly recommend downloading Geogebra for anyone who used to enjoy maths in school but remember very litte. And for a nuts-and-bolts approach to SH3D construction, it can be a very useful supplement.
..participating and sharing your knowledge.
In this thread, I am certainly the one who is learning from the unrivalled master of beautiful SH3D renderings. I quite enjoy learning something so very different from my day-to-day work. So thank you! ok