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Posted by Ceciliabr at Nov 4, 2016 8:48:50 PM
Re: Autumn colours

I love the shine and reflections of your floor.

Mmm ... yes, the floor. Memories of my childhood, indelibly fixed as images in my mind. The floor in the grand parlour was waxed and polished every Friday - and on the very few occasions I was allowed to enter, it felt like walking on a shiny glass panel. I walked carefully, wearing woolen socks, and stared in awe at the shining, bluish reflections - the whole room was reflected in the floor – maybe the whole world. If I bent down and looked closely, I could see layers of patterns that wound their way deep down into the wooden floor, like there was a three-dimensional image lying under the shiny glass surface, adding a new texture to the reflection of my face.
But the grand parlour was not a place for children – except for Christmas.

That's where the idea comes from - the idea of adding a layer of shiny glass on top of the floor.
A glass transparent layer, 0.2 cm, placed on its own level so it easily can be turned on and off – and I'm back in my childhood residence - back in the forbidden parlour.

Sometimes I wish I had learned to code instead of learning the piano.

Coding is art.

Thanks for sharing. Your plugin is highly valued.