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Posted by dorin at Nov 8, 2016, 6:46:24 PM
Re: Sweet Home 3D 5.3
FIRST: I like opensource and free software. I hope this great piece of software remain free.
About licences files I've suggest to be grouped in a folder NOT deleted but is only my way to organize files.
Second: On Default Furniture I don't exclude/add no piece.
All I do was to rearrange them with ads of FurnitureLibraryEditor 1.19 and FurnitureLibraryEditorWithID-1.14 to preserve all the characteristics.
As result is a folder for every furniture with .obj .mlt files.The .propreties files was generated accordingly.
Then I've edit by hand the 2 .propreties files to add for every furniture the missing specifications.
I verify every .obj files by import them in AOI and correct them when necessarily(only 3 or 4).
Also I add 2 new category:
-Geometry (for basic geometric objects)
-Decorations (for plants, carpets, paints etc.)
I suppose also I've make some mistakes not intentionally.
I test now v5.3beta12 linux64 on debian strech and work batter then b11.
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