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Posted by bdfd at Nov 18, 2016 6:36:49 AM
Re: Vehicle lights
Can you tell us how to do that?
Dear Lady Vero,
As you see on my example, it was so easy to make like enkonyito.
The most hard has been his idea (we must salute this) and that I said it was the time to place the lights (I suppose)...


1920 x 1080 in Q4 with R1.3.2 in 08mn50s.


1920 x 1080 in Q4 with R1.3.2 in 10mn05s.

To do more realistic, I added driver and rear passanger as well as 2 internal ceiling lights and the light on the rear license plate.

It can be the challenge of this weekend... wink
only 6.1.2 and nothing else - W10 64b