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Posted by okh at Dec 7, 2016, 8:58:36 AM
Re: Different shapes on windows
Sounds like an interesting house...

Using other software to create basic shapes is not too difficult but, of course, you will need to know the basics of Sketchup/Blender/Art of Illusion etc. If this and the Free 3D Models page or 3D warehouse and the other sites suggested at the import page fail you, there are still a couple of alternatives.

Rotating an existing window:
In the same style as the fixed triangle window, there is also the "Fixed window" (rectangle). These shapes can be stretched and rotated through export/import, for instance by:
- select window,
- change dimensions,
- use 3D view, export selection to OBJ format,
- use import furniture or drag and drop obj file in SH3D,
- in the second import window:
- -- use the green arrows to change rotation,
- -- first 90°,
- -- then incremental degrees pressing SHIFT + green arrow up,
- -- then -90° back again so the window faces you,
- in the third import window, check the Door/Window box,
- Resize.

Now, this technique has limitations, but if applied to the triangle/rectangle windows, it will at least provide you with some more alternatives in roughly the same style as the triangle.

Create a shape (with SH3D):
Many ways of doing this, but best option is probably with the ShapeGenerator-1.1.sh3p available on the Plugins page, which will let you create basic (e.g. 20% transparent) shapes that you can export and then import as window. For a frame and other details, you may need to rework the imported model with walls and other shapes and repeat the export/import to get it right.

Playing with your own shapes has a couple of advantages: OBJ files can be edited with other software and you can supply additional information such as window openings with the Furniture Library Editor (on the download page).

If this does not work for you, you could post a picture or a link to similar windows to see if another SH3D user has already created something that might fit.