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Posted by Puybaret at Jan 18, 2017, 9:46:04 AM
Re: Not your usual 3 bed terraced home
HTML5 view + house surrounded by rocks + pipes view: all that in one thread! Very nice Mike smile
Did you use some special models to build the pipes network or basic objects were enough? Do you plan to arrange furniture in it too?

Unfortunately, since taken these images, and resetting the view, the walls and floors have taken on a life of their own, some appear some dont, on some walls the corners show both the inside and outside texture and the ceilings have cutouts where the doors are, cannot seem to sort it so i may have to start again.
I'm not completely sure what to conclude from your comment, but it might be because you use transparent walls. You should know that transparent shapes drawn in the 3D view are managed quite differently to manage the mixing transparency effect of superimposed transparent surfaces (if you look through a blue window with a red one behind it, the background scene should be purple). Sometimes the 3D engine can't determine the right order in which transparent surfaces should be drawn, particularly when two surfaces are at the same time farther and closer of the camera according to the corner you take into account. Hope my explanations help you understand a little the issue... confused
You can experiment this problem also when you rotate Scopia's Christmas tree and bonsai 3D models because the material of their leaves is based on PNG transparent images.
As ray tracing in SunFlow works differently and doesn't cause this kind of issue, this makes me wonder whether I should reconsider the option of ignoring the transparency set on walls at the two best quality levels of the photo creation tool. I remember that I didn't take this transparency into account because it didn't render nicely, but maybe it wouldn't be so difficult to fix...
Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer