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Posted by rhawke at Jan 28, 2017 12:39:31 AM
Option to add hour label in Video
I just tried my first sun simulation and it works great! So amazed what Sweet Home 3D can do! I use VLC to play it back at 25 % speed.

What would be nice is to have the option to print the date and time of day in a corner of each frame (maybe on white or black background for easy readability). That way when looking at the simulation in a player I can see exactly the time of day. The seconds will be too fast to read when the video is playing, but when you stop it or use frame by frame they are helpful.

Example for the first five frames, starting at 8:00 based on 250 frames per day:
2016-05-12 8:00
2016-05-12 8:06
2016-05-12 8:12
2016-05-12 8:17
2016-05-12 8:23

Right now I can still find out this information if I
1) use a video player that displays the frame number
2) remember at what time my video started
3) divide the frame number by 10.4 (250 frames per day) for the hours passed
4) add that number to the start time

It works but having it printed would be much nicer :)