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Posted by bdfd at Feb 6, 2017 5:12:01 AM
Re: Indicate price in furniture list
furniture prices and even VAT are already handled in Sweet Home 3D
Yes Manu !
Great brains have often same ideas... applause

My idea is that : at the installation (and for all new projects) all prices should be equal to 0.00 with or without currency,
it's not important, the final goal is to approach the global cost of the project with or without furniture.

One of my arguments was precisely to make the software more real with the notion of price.

Now from there to put the vat ... we go to the PRO stage !
I'm not sure, legally there had to be many of impacts, ... ??? confused

Let's try to make small steps by making it in a version beta available to anyone would like. wink
@Manu, What do you think about ?

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