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Posted by MartinSK at Apr 1, 2017 8:13:29 AM
Re: classic edition
Hello my friends. Here I come with the first part of some new images. I refresh an old project called KASTIEL I presented here on this thread very long time ago. It was the time when the renderer on sh3d was not in such a good shape like this time and also my experience with the application was very short. Now I refresh and remodeled this project and try to repeat the same views as previous or made some new with new renderer.
All these images I presented here were made by these settings:
focus distance:500
focus radius:0,5
Depth of field:ON
sky brightness:16
original size of pictures is 10000x5625 pixels /then resized to 2000x1125 pixels/
all these pictures were made by ASUS ROG with Intel core i7 6700HQ /4cores,8threads/ graphic card and in post production I tried to help with some small corrections in photo editor POLARR PRO application. I tried to find here some photorealism by using some leaks and fx effects in postproduction. I try to make it not so clear and detailed this way which may look more realistic /not sure/... There is not 2D background objects there. All plants are 3D.
At first let me show you an old view from this thread but with the new tree models and textures

The second picture is the view of the new building here in this garden I made in "pseudo art noveau" style

and here some other views of this project....