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Posted by okh at Apr 23, 2017 10:17:10 AM
Re: Batch files for loading plans
..draw all 100 walls I'd like it if SweetHome 3D could read a file like...
Interesting question, nice idea. Short answer is, no, but ... thanks to SH3D .xml there are workarounds (for 100 walls, you may be better off doing it manually using CTRL-SHIFT-move with some template walls, though).

Long answer is, extract Home.xml from a simple .sh3d file and edit. The XML is nicely formatted and straightforward to read. For instance, a simple home with four walls (and corners) and one wall across, will have some introductory stuff and walls specified at the end:

<wall id='wall0' wallAtStart='wall3' wallAtEnd='wall1' xStart='0.0' yStart='0.0' xEnd='1000.0' yEnd='0.0' height='240.0' thickness='30.0' pattern='hatchUp'/>
<wall id='wall1' wallAtStart='wall0' wallAtEnd='wall2' xStart='1000.0' yStart='0.0' xEnd='1000.0' yEnd='800.0' height='240.0' thickness='30.0' pattern='hatchUp'/>
<wall id='wall2' wallAtStart='wall1' wallAtEnd='wall3' xStart='1000.0' yStart='800.0' xEnd='0.0' yEnd='800.00006' height='240.0' thickness='30.0' pattern='hatchUp'/>
<wall id='wall3' wallAtStart='wall2' wallAtEnd='wall0' xStart='0.0' yStart='800.0' xEnd='0.0' yEnd='0.0' height='240.0' thickness='30.0' pattern='hatchUp'/>
<wall id='wall4' xStart='0.0' yStart='300.0' xEnd='1000.0' yEnd='300.0' height='220.0' thickness='10.0' pattern='hatchUp'/>

If this XML does not look frightening, you will probably also know what to do to batch import (use cm!). To be more specific, for instance like this, step by step.:

  • Make a simple home with one wall in SH3D.
  • Save and compress.
  • Rename file to .zip.
  • Open .zip and extract Home.xml for editing.
  • Create a spreadsheet with . decimal separator.
  • Enter/paste the required values for each wall in A1 to I1
  • (convert units from imperial to metric)
  • Use =concatenate("<wall id='",A2,"' wallAtStart='",B2,"' wallAtEnd='",C2,"' xStart='",D2,"' yStart='",E2,"' xEnd='",F2,"' yEnd='",G2,"' height='",H2,"' thickness='",I2,"' pattern='hatchUp'/>")
  • Copy and add (paste) the result to add lines in Home.xml
  • .zip Home and rename yourfilename.sh3d
  • Open file with SH3D
This works (tried quick spreadsheet smile ), but getting hundreds of walls right (and possibly with rooms etc), will require some coffee.