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Posted by AeowynFraser at Jul 9, 2017, 2:20:52 AM
Re: Home inspired by my "Tiny home"
Just a somewhat quick update as to what I've been up to since my last posting here: I haven't taken any new pictures of this house like I thought I would, seeing as I stumbled across something I find to be rather intriguing (house-plan-wise anyway). I didn't want to create a whole new thread about these, seeing as I didn't actually create these nor have I made any major structural changes to warrant calling these "mine". If someone here thinks that I should make a separate thread (or threads) for these houses let me know. smile

Mainly, I just wanted to see how these houses looked on the inside, but then I wanted to see what they looked like with some modern updates.

Anyway. While looking at Pinterest of all places I came across The Home Builders Catalog which includes oh so many (hundreds) different vintage (1920s I think) house plans - that could be purchased cheaply at the time ($20 US for two complete sets of blueprints, one 16-page guide for listing materials, two sets of specifications and two blank contract forms!!! rolling eyes ).

I looked through and have so far found 3 of them that I find very interesting indeed.

"The Chesapeake". Aerial view of the front. That little bump-out by the side door is where I put the water heater. I haven't figured out how to cover those weird open spots in the walls on the top floor. As you can see, I haven't painted the outside of this yet (except for that one strip above the front porch), although I have completely furnished it.

Taken from the vestibule from next to the stairs, looking into the living room and dining room. I took out the two sets of double doors to the two rooms, opening it up. I didn't want to take out that column as it seems to me to be a crucial spot of the house.

Kitchen taken from the doorway just in from the vestibule. Yes, doorway, not door; I took out the door separating the two spaces, figuring the person who would be in the kitchen would still like to be a part of whatever might be going on in the living room and/or dining room. I also took out the door leading down to the side door. I then put a door between the kitchen and "nook" (if someone here thinks I should replace this door with a doorway, please let me know). Where the refrigerator had been originally seemed a strange place, so I put a pantry there instead, and put the refrigerator closer to the counter.

It looks like next to the side door there are stairs leading down to a basement space not shown on the advertisement; since I live in the California desert, there's no "basements" here and I left those out.

What had been the Nook is now the laundry room. Taken from the door from the kitchen. There is space next to the upper cabinet for the window to open. The flooring of the back porch and the driveway are visible.

I've also furnished the front Chamber on this house to be my sewing room (of course laughing ).

Quick screenshots of the other two houses.

"The Commodore". I haven't worked much on this one; just barely got the floor space figured out (haven't painted or chosen the flooring yet), but I believe I do have the basic built in items included.

Taken from the vestibule looking into the living room and kitchen. There were some strangely placed doors between the vestibule and kitchen; I didn't like those and took them out. I have the built in furnishing in, just haven't made changes to their appearances yet. I also thought the breakup at the back door was just too weird; I opened up that space, as well as taking out the weirdly placed closet, replacing it with a laundry area (although that's not visible in this picture). Oh, and the original had stairs going down into a basement; I took that out and used it as a space to store the water heater and central air - closed off under the stairs.

I wasn't able to completely recreate the hall on the top floor of this house properly (I think) and am not quite happy with it... Maybe that's why I haven't gotten very far with this house...

"The Caruth". As you can see, I've gotten the outside walls all worked out, including the decorative brickwork along the bottom part. I went with "Plan 'A' - Without Basement".

The kitchen and "Screened Porch" (which I've turned into the laundry room, taken from the doorway from the dining room. I've taken that door out and these rooms are all open. I've also taken the door out from between the kitchen and "screened porch".

I took out the both the closet in the vestibule and the linen closet (the way my setup of this came out, the bathroom itself was wider than I think it was originally; the bathtub I used left quite a gap and I've added a tall cabinet to fill in the space), so that there would be a small hallway to the back of the house. If someone here thinks that I ought to put them back, I'll see how that works.

The roofing for these three seem quite intricate and I haven't worked on those yet.

Once I've finished with messing around with those, I'll get back to this house and get the top floor changes rendered. That's all I'm going to mention about these, unless someone here says otherwise. laughing