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Posted by Necrobotz at Aug 21, 2017, 1:23:55 PM
Problem with transparency settings .obj file
Hi all!

I've created a model in Sketchup of a turntable that i have, it has the cover made of brown clear plastic.

Exported from SU to .dae, imported in SH3D, first time i've get this result in render on the 3Q :

I've get this refraction effect on the sides of cover, for this I used a RGB color value for cover. After a lot of tests changing values in MTL file (after export to .Obj from SH3D) I switch to a .PNG transparent brown texture.


After a lot more of tests with the .mtl file i'm unable to make the light passing through the cover and give a brown colored shadow on the surface of furniture (but maybe it's not possible), then i start thinking it's for .png texture, the render doesn't know what color it has!!, I must switch to RGB value again.

Result :

Again with the strange reflection on the faces of cover... but with the light brown shadow achieved more or less.

Editing again the mtl file with all possible combinations of parameters :

Illum from 1 to 10 : same result on all, strange refracction.

Ka, Kd, Ks set all to "0.627451 0.321569 0.176471" works with the shadow, but I think I do not quite understand what value changes each one of them sad

Ts: This value is not exported with SH3D and maybe it doesn't recognize it, but I did the test, I did not see visible change.

d: this value has no impact on transparency related to light, always gives a hard shadow, only the physical object is more or less visible, y think.

So i'm in trouble, can't find the correct values for what I want.

This is the real thing :

Obviously this is used and not as lustrous as I want to represent it.

The questions are :

01 .- I can use RGB values to give color to the cover and get a normal transparency on material?

02 .- Is it possible to get colored shadow with the use of a transparent png texture?

03 .- When in SH3D I import the exported .obj file, change values of shininess of materials, export and import again they are lost, what is in the mtl file the value for this to change by hand prior to import in SH3D?

04 .- What mtl file values does SH3D recognize?
I have been reading in wikipedia many that I am not sure will be recognized or applicable.

05 .- Anyone knows a site when explain in Spanish the MTL file values clearly that I understand it well?

This is the last result I achieved with the values I put below

newmtl TapaPlastico
illum 2
Ka 0.627451 0.321569 0.176471
Kd 0.627451 0.321569 0.176471
Ks 0.627451 0.321569 0.176471
Ns 1.0
Tf 0.627451 0.321569 0.176471
Ni 10.0
d 0.9
map_Kd Dual1214V2_TapaPlastico.png

If anyone wants the file, it is available here:


PD. I made a first version with double lid walls, with the normals pointing inside of themselves, to get a visibility effect of the back wall through the front one, but it did not work either well.