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Posted by Necrobotz at Aug 31, 2017, 9:28:37 PM
Re: Problem with transparency settings .obj file
Hi Dorin!

Finally i have time to try this, the first MTL gives high reflection, near a mirror thing, but the second works ok!!!
Thanks a lot!!

With experiments I've concluded that the refraction parameter is "NI", with a very bright 10.0 value for the material, but with 1.0 is perfect, the exact brightness.

Strangely it can not reproduce the internal reflex effect that happened before ....

The shadow of brown light has not yet been obtained with the two top qualities of rendering.

As I read the parameter that is responsible for this is "TF" (transmission filter), but it may be that SH3D does not recognize or simply does not make use of that parameter.

As I am very stubborn, I will continue doing tests until I get it, if it is possible ... for more that I have searched I can not find in the forum or the SH3D website what parameters on MTL files are supported by the program or how these are interpreted.

I have to investigate more about this, I know the DAE files are in principle more advanced and modern, but they are also from my point of view much more chaotic, the facility to simply modify the MTL file obviating the rest of the geometry of the OBJ file is much More comfortable and clean.
Besides that almost all the information on these subjects is in English with a quite technical language sometimes, which as you will see is not my native language, this lack of information in Spanish is also another barrier.

Well, thank you very much again, it has been a great help Dorin! ;)