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Posted by Necrobotz at Sep 3, 2017, 8:50:58 PM
Re: Problem with transparency settings .obj file
Ok!!! Finally I have the solution!!!
After lot of tries and lot of mistakes, I found the reason of the reflection in the render, it is because the normals in the lid of the model, that have the transparency, it need another face inwards pointing to the inside of the model, if it is not present it gives the strange refraction effect, I mean it needs to have volume, not only a simple face.
Then it gives the wanted effect, it have normal transparency and gives a light brown coloured shadow.

It must be a beginer mistake but i'm very happy to found a solution for this problem that gives me headhache for days....

Dorin, until now i don't know how you did to bypass the refraction effect in the model with only one face in the lid, you`re good!! ;) Thanks!!