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Posted by eniavlys at Oct 3, 2017 3:09:09 PM
Support for high sierra (10.13)

I'm balancing pros and cons in upgrading my mac to high sierra (10.13) right now. In Sweet home 3D's home page, it's explicitly said that support is provided for mac os up to 10.12. However, reading through the forum, I had the feeling that v5.5 actually does run on mac os 10.13.

So: do I have any chance of running a -kind of, even not 100%- stable version of sweet home 3D on mac os 10.13? Is there a specific beta version of sweet home 3D to use, or should v5.5 do a good enough job there for the moment? Or did I completely misunderstood things and there's for the moment no chance at all to get sweet home 3D to run on mac os 10.13? If so, do you have any idea on when sweet home 3D will run on mac os 10.13?