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Posted by enkonyito at Feb 28, 2018, 4:41:01 AM
Re: Photo-video rendering plug-in
I don't see anything :
1. in the options menu
2. in librairies list
3. but plugin is in the good sub-directory (green Arrow)

An idea ?
To install the plug-in and replace the old version, simply double-click on the PhotoVideoRendering.sh3p file included in the folder.
Maybe I should display the current version in the Photo-video rendering menu?

The settings explanation in configureSunflowRenderingEngine.pdf from thread,6122 is quite necessary for me to grasp the advanced settings. If you consider updating it, do not hesitate to spell out in some more detail what the different settings mean.
It is true that this document on the setting of the SunFlow rendering engine is a bit dated and that an update would be necessary following the understanding of the interaction between certain parameters (managed by the plug-in).

Can the dark level options be included in the resizable?
It would be nice if it could
The minimum night brightness (dark level 2) is included since version 1.4 of the plug-in.

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