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Posted by MartinSK at Jun 28, 2018 7:46:55 AM
Re: classic edition
Hello my friends...
I read in some other threads that it might be problem for some people that I am posting here pictures which are not pure sh3d product. So OK... I will stop it. I made my projects by sh3d and I like it but I love to render by Thea.
Heh.... it looks that these two pictures are the last two I am posting here in sh3d gallery. A little bit sad but that's life.

So what to say in the end. I am very happy that I was a member of this big family. I met here a lot of friends @Emmanuel @Veronique or @bdfd.... I saw a lot of great pictures and projects.... But I understand that posting my pictures which were not rendered by sunflow is problem for some people here. So I will post it only on my small personal facebook funpage

Thanks for watching and good bye