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Posted by UbuntuBirdy at Jul 15, 2018, 4:43:35 PM
Re: Holes in the ground
Holes in the ground around objects belonging to underground levels ensure that these objets are still visible even if they are not in underground rooms. Otherwise, what would be the point to add objects that remain invisible? By default, the hole is a bounding box for performance reasons and not the exact surrounding shape of the object that digs the ground (computing this shape can be a time-consuming task), and you can override this hole by defining a staircase cut out shape.
If you want to hide these objects, you could add a thin box that covers the hole. If you define some staircase cut out shapes for each underground object, you could also draw a room at ground level even if these objects belong to a group, because the algorithm that computes the holes in rooms takes into account the individual cut out shapes of each object within a group.

This is what I learnd about sh3d in the last few weeks. The solution with the staircase cutout is not practicable for me: my project contains over 550 objects and if I have to edit the cutout for about 10% of them this is a absolutely too-much-time-consuming-job because I perhaps have to redo many cutouts every time I change the design of the Boat.

I'll change the program in the coming version to ensure that the behavior of groups that digs the ground is more consistant with how groups cut out rooms. Thus, the holes in the ground will be computed for each object, whether it's in a group or not.

This is a really cool announcement, because the most annoying holes are the ones from the groups. And if they no longer cut unnecessary holes my renderings will look much better!

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