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Posted by Puybaret at Dec 18, 2008, 1:24:00 PM
Re: Bibliothèque pour multipostes
I created a new plug-in that allows users to export all the furniture imported in Sweet Home 3D catalog to a SH3F file, that you can import on an other computer with a double-click or with the menu item "Furniture > Import furniture library..." (the SH3F file is portable so you can import it even if the Operating System of the second computer is different from the one where you created the SH3F file).
Download this plug-in at
Then copy it copy the ExportToSH3F-1.0.sh3p file in the plug-ins folder of Sweet Home 3D, which depends on your system as follows:
- under Windows, this folder is C:\Documents and Settings\user\Application Data\eTeks\Sweet Home 3D\plugins,
- under Mac OS X, it's the subfolder Library/Application Support/eTeks/Sweet Home 3D/plugins of your user folder,
- under Linux and other Unix, it's the subfolder .eteks/sweethome3d/plugins of your user folder.

Relaunch Sweet Home 3D, and you'll see the new menu item "Export imported furniture to SH3F..." in Furniture menu. At this time this will work, only if you installed Sweet Home 3D 1.5 with its installers. If you installed it with Java Web Start, it may not work for security reasons and you'll have to download the installer.

Take care of the license of the models you export to a SH3F file. Almost all free models can't be redistributed, and the fact that Sweet Home 3D is free doesn't change anything to that. That's the reason why I had to create some models for the first versions of Sweet Home 3D!

Emmanuel Puybaret, Sweet Home 3D developer